Event: BioMedEng Education Workshop – The Impact of COVID-19

The Association of Biomedical Engineers, Medical Engineers & Bioengineers will be hosting an education workshop to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Friday 2nd July 2021 at 10:00 am.

The workshop will explore the lessons learned for biomedical education in the lockdown. As part of the event, the panel will explore the benefits and challenges associated with remote learning of various biomedical engineering courses. The workshop will be chaired by Prof Kawal Rhode from King’s College London and is being organised in partnership with Prof Manos Drakakis from Imperial College London. Please find a copy of the programme below.

The event will be held on MS Teams and is free to attend. Use this link to join the event: BioMedEng Remote Learning Workshop.

10:00Welcome – Prof Anthony Bull, Imperial College London (ICL)
 Workshop Chairs – Prof Kawal Rhode, King’s College London & Prof Manos Drakakis, ICL
10:10Lectures & Tutorials during COVID-19 – Chair Dr Jennifer Martay, Anglia Ruskin Uni.
10:15Maximising Online Asynchronous Education – Dr Anita Ghag, University of Birmingham
10:25Maximising Online Synchronous Education – Dr Gabriel Cavalli, QMUL
10:35Methods for Engaging Students Online – Dr Maria Romero-Gonzalez, QMUL
10:45Student view
10:55Discussion – How to best engage students online
11:10E-learning & Software for BME Education – Chair Dr Daniel Abasolo, University of Surrey
11:15Electronic / Electrical / Mechatronic Engineering e-learning – Prof Kawal Rhode, KCL
11:25Anatomy & Physiology e-learning – Dr Sylvie Coupaud, University of Strathclyde
11:35Student view
11:45Discussion – Virtual Learning Environments: What were the challenges and limitations?
12:00Labs & Projects during COVID-19 – Chair Prof Julia Shelton, QMUL
12:05On-campus Labs + Projects – Dr Sylvain Ladame, Imperial College London
12:15Remote Labs + Projects – Dr Oleg Aslanidi, King’s College London
12:25Student view
12:35Discussion – How has the development of lab/research skills been affected by COVID-19?
12:50Remote Examinations during COVID-19 – Chair Prof Sotiris Korossis, Loughborough Uni.
12:55Discussion – How to best adapt examinations for online format
13:10What are we taking forward from our experiences? – Chair Prof Kawal Rhode, KCL
13:20Discussion and Wrap-up