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Next Conference – BioMedEng22

BioMedEng22, the UK’s largest gathering of Biomedical Engineers, Medical Engineers and Bioengineers will be held at University College London from 8-9 September 2022, please save the date.

The UCL team are looking forward to welcoming you to their campuses in London but are also working towards a hybrid meeting. The conference is being organised by UCL Engineering and UCL Medical Sciences, under the umbrella of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering.

For more information and details of the call for abstract, please visit the conference website using the link – BioMedEng Conference 2022 | UCL

Upcoming Conferences

Congratulations to Swansea University on their successful bids to host the BioMedEng23 conference.

The BioMedEng23 conference will be held at Swansea University in September 2023. The exact dates will be confirmed soon.  


Previous Conferences

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