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Corporate Sponsorship

Benefits of sponsoring the BioMedEng Association include

  1. Opportunity to participate in all activities organised by the Association including the annual conference (1 delegate)
  2. Access to a community of top Engineers, Clinicians, Researchers and Students from the Association (UK and abroad)
  3. Job advertisement opportunities through the website, newsletter and social media channels
  4. Opportunity to participate in career and recruitment sessions
  5. Branding on the Association homepage with your Company logo and a link to your website for two years.
  6. Opportunity to submit contents/material for the Association Newsletters and social media channels
  7. 50% discount on the sponsorship packages of the annual conference
  8. Opportunity to participate in dedicated corporate and translational sessions – e.g. have a 10-15 min presentation and join the panel discussion at the annual conference
  9. Opportunity to organise a demo or dedicated parallel session at the annual conference *
  10. Opportunity to sponsor key sessions and awards – e.g. the CompanyX Computational Modelling Session or CompanyX Best Poster Award

For further information about sponsorship or to discuss a tailored package please contact:

Dr Gifty Tetteh at

Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 2874 | Mobile: +44 (0)7517 551829