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The BioMedEng Association usually offers a range of awards at its annual conference:

  • The BioMedEng Legacy Prize
  • The BioMedEng Innovation Prize
  • Early Career Researcher Award
  • Best Student Talk
  • Best Poster Award
  • Best Rapid Fire Presentation
  • Best Project Presentation Award

Details of previous award recipients:

BioMedEng19 Award Recipients – 

  • The 2019 BioMedEng Legacy Prize – Professor Lionel Tarassenko
  • The 2019 BioMedEng Innovation Prize – Dr Katerina Spranger
  • Early Career Researcher Award – Simao Laranjeira, University College London
  • Best Student Talk – Vanessa Mancini, University of Leeds
  • Best Poster Award – Sander R Holthof, University of Warwick
  • Best Rapid Fire Presentation – Zubia A Khan, King’s College London
  • Best UG / MSc Project Presentation Award – Sean S Cullen, Brunel University

BioMedEng19 – BHF Travel Award Recipients – 

  • Alex Ainscough                   Imperial College London
  • Esfandiar Khaleghi              Kingston University
  • Gareth Jones                      Swansea University
  • Haipeng Liu                        Anglia Ruskin University
  • Josefin Jansson-Edqvist    Imperial College London
  • Samuel Vennin                   King’s College London
  • Phakakorn Panpho            University of Liverpool
  • Limor Zwi Dantsis              Imperial College London
  • Syed Ghufran Khalid         Anglia Ruskin University
  • Mehwish Arshad                Imperial College London

BioMedEng19 – Versus Arthritis Travel Award Recipients –

  • Taiwo Kelani                       Imperial College London
  • Emily S Kelly                      University of Southampton
  • Jeff N Clark                        Imperial College London
  • Claude F Hayford               University of Sheffield
  • Daniel Nolte                        Imperial College London

BioMedEng18, Imperial College London

  • The BioMedEng18 Legacy Prize – Professor Dan Bader, University of Southampton
  • The BioMedEng18 Innovation Prize – Mike Tuke, FREng, MatOrtho®
  • Early Career Researcher Award – Peter Charlton, King’s College London
  • Best Student Talk – Ugur Tanriverdi, Imperial College London
  • Best Poster Award – Hanna Burton, Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Best Rapid Fire Presentation – Aiden James Hannah, Strathclyde University

Best Project Presentation Award – Nicola Omo-Dare, Imperial College London

MECbioeng14, Imperial College London

  • Smith & Nephew Best Poster Prize: Karla E. Inostroza, Queen Mary University of London
  • International Biomechanics Prize for Best Paper: Gifty Tetteh, University of Sheffield